Jade Cove Partners assists project developers, investment banks, private equity, and other investors to evaluate the technical feasibility, performance, and economic potential of new technologies and projects in the lithium, materials, mining, and water industries. Jade Cove provides clear, actionable insights to our partners for making complex technology investment decisions. Our services include:

  1. Technology Strategy

Assessment of key risks and opportunities of different technologies and how they can be used in new lithium, materials, mining, and water projects.

2. OPEX & CAPEX Modeling Studies

Cost structure modeling for new technologies applied to new projects using experimental data, first principles, historical results, and established heuristics.

Lithium Expertise

Jade Cove specializes in building robust technology strategies for lithium developers & investors to de-risk their projects. Direct extraction technologies are unlocking new lithium resources around the world, dramatically lowering CAPEX and OPEX for unconventional resources. We help our partners best understand how to use them. Using these innovative flow sheets, billions of dollars of value over the coming decades will be created with the extraction of lithium from low grade brines, geothermal brines, sedimentary deposits, waste streams, and other unconventional resources.

Jade Cove works with explorers & junior developers to cultivate in-house expertise on:

  1. Characterization of resource chemistry to inform JORC/NI 43-101 exploration programs

  2. Assessment of technology options for new resources including advising on resource-specific testing programs and feasibility analysis

  3. Project economic modeling using new direct extraction technologies

  4. Investor education related to technology & technology de-risking

Jade Cove works with our partners to unlock the value in their lithium resources and find faster, cheaper ways to boost lithium production from new projects around the world.