Jade Cove Partners assists investment banks, private equity, venture capital, and other partners to evaluate the technical feasibility, performance, and economic potential of new technologies and projects in the chemicals, materials, mining, and water sectors. Drawing on an intimate understanding of how and why a new technology is deployed, Jade Cove provides clear, actionable insights to our partners for making complex investment decisions. Our services include:

1.      Technical Feasibility Studies

Assessment of technical feasibility and limits of new technologies using analysis of first principles, meticulous literature review, and consultation with domain experts when relevant.

2.      Technology Value Proposition Analysis

Assessment of key risks and opportunities of new technologies and projects compared to conventional approaches.

3.      OPEX & CAPEX Modeling Studies

Cost structure model construction for new technologies and projects using first principles, historical data, and established heuristics.

4.      Startup Due Diligence

Holistic judgment of potential for success of a technology/team.